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Do you want to know the secret to making a website produce huge amounts of money? You may be feeling frustrated that you are not making the money you want to from your websites. You may be earning from affiliate or product sales but want to take it to the next level.

Do you want to know the secret to making a website produce huge amounts of money? You may be feeling frustrated that you are not making the money you want to from your websites. You may be earning from affiliate or product sales but want to take it to the next level.

The problem with a lot of the courses is that they only contain a part of the information you need to be successful. Some of the most crucial information is left out from these courses.

This secret of big marketers to earning life changing sums can also apply to your business. The programs in this video course can show you exactly how to boost your income through your website using simple but powerful techniques.

Building a list is one of the most under used but most profitable sides of Internet marketing. The money is in the list. Even if all the keywords, the niche and even the traffic are good, the inflow of cash might still not reach its maximum. Without an email list, you miss out on thousands of dollars in profits every week.

Module 1: List Building Success

This is a step by step program that will walk you through everything you need to know in order to successfully build and profit from a list. With new marketers in mind, this video training program was designed to take you through the whole process of list building starting from the reasons behind why it is effective.

On your own, building a list may be challenging. Another approach to list building is to have others do it for you. In the next module, you can learn about having others contribute to your list building success.

Module 2: Viral List Blueprint

Through a six-part video, you can learn how to get others to build a list for you—happily.

Video 1: Introduction

The first video rightly briefs you with an introduction to Viral Marketing and the basics of your mailing system.

Video 2: Types of lists

The next video establishes the two types of list to better understand the different methods of list growth and to effectively get other people to build your list for you. At the same time, knowing which type of list you prefer will help point you towards a specific path.

Video 3: Methods for list growth

There are different methods to boost your list growth depending on the type of list you have. Real life and time tested strategies that you can easily do by yourself to explode your list are discussed.

Video 4: What should you give away?

In order to create a list, you have to give something away. You can get many ideas on what you or your list builders can give away from this video.

Video 5: Creating your viral product

How to create your viral product is discussed in this video. This is not a hard thing to do. As soon as you learn how to do it right, you can create your own viral product in just a few days.

Video 6: Marketing your viral product and finding your list builders

Through the last video in this module, you can learn about how to find the people who can build your list. It might come as a surprise that there are people willing to do this happily. You have to know how to target these people.

As aforementioned, the money is in the list, but what happens after you have built it? Once you have started your email list, the next crucial step is list maintenance.

The goal here is not to have a big list but to have a big list of people who want to hear from you. You may get 10000 subscribers, for example, but only have 1000 active people. That means you are wasting money for paying for the other 9000.

An alternative is to use a server side email, meaning to email directly from your own website. The downfall to this is that your email reputation can be negatively affected by not using a web hosting server that is for email marketing.

Module 3: Surefire List Cleaner

Aside from modules about building your list and having others build it for you, the course also includes the Surefire List Cleaner, which is a nine-part video series.

Video 1: Introduction

The first part focuses on the basics of list maintenance and the tools necessary to do it right.

Video 2: Analyzing Statistics

Analyzing your statistics gives you a general idea of your performance and the extent of list cleaning you need to carry out.

Video 3: Backing up Email Addresses

A lot of people might neglect doing this. Through examples using Aweber and GetResponse, you can learn how to properly organize and backup your email list before any third-party auto-responder service decides to delete it.

Video 4: Testing and Cleaning Email Addresses

Your list may contain email addresses that no longer work, duplicated addresses and spam traps. Bouncing emails can hurt your reputation, and inactive email addresses can cost you money each month.

Video 5: Suppression vs Blacklist Lists

A suppression lists can help in preventing certain email addresses from getting to your list. A banned list can also keep away abusive subscribers. In this video, effectively using these different types of list is discussed.

Video 6: Segmenting Your Lists

By segmenting your list, you can easily see who are active, semi-active or totally inactive. Different categories can also help you perform more efficiently. Proper segmentation and protection can increase your profits.

Video 7: Blacklist Checker

When running your email list on your own server, you have to constantly check whether you are blacklisted by any email companies. Ending up on the black list can compromise you marketing potential.

Video 8: Getting Off a Blacklist and Whitelisting Your IP Address

If you happen to end up in a blacklist, do not fret for you can still get out of it. In this video, a specific tactic to protect your list, to fight back against the blacklist and to get your IP address whitelisted is revealed.

Video 9: Protecting Your Email Reputation

It is common sense to want to protect your reputation, but some common mistakes are made without the marketers knowing about it. Being aware of this pitfalls is important.

Is it not about time that you stopped struggling and started earning more money from your website? Would you not love to send emails and see people clicking on the links and buying the products you recommend?

You can either keep on doing what you have always done to get the same results or you can take this unique opportunity to do something different, something that works, and something that has proven results!

I am looking forward to working with you to help you build your lists and start to profit from them.

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