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Quickly take your first steps towards success today and begin making money online through selling products or services.


Even without any programming and graphic skills or sales experience, anyone can create their own online business. You do not need a special degree or to even hire for extra help. In just a few minutes, anyone can discover exactly how to set up and earn from an online store.


The Secrets of Making Money Online


With this package, you can get everything you need to jumpstart your own e-commerce business.


  • Six MP4 format videos with over 38 minutes of valuable video tutorials
  • Full and unrestricted White Label Rights
  • Sales copy and squeeze page that you can use to sell the package as well as the White Label Rights quickly


With White Label Rights, you can do anything with the video course including reselling it, keeping the whole earnings from reselling it, or even giving it away for free. Throwing in a bonus, you can also work together with other Mart Expert members with this additional benefit.


  • Membership in the exclusive Mart Expert Collaboration Network on Facebook


Step by step courses such as this is usually only accessible by high paying clients who are able and willing to invest thousands of dollars into their business just to get it started. A few years ago, e-commerce was very expensive, which means that not a lot of people gain access to it. Fortunately, technology has already come a long way from that. Today, you do not have to shell out cash in order to start selling online. This opened up many opportunities for a lot of people to sell products, services and ideas over the internet.


Despite these opportunities, most people rarely seek help from experienced people. Hence, only a small number of people have had the privilege to discover the information contained in the package of The Secrets of Making Money Online.


To share with you a few of the discussions and tips expounded in the video course, I introduce to you WooCommerce.


  • Free platform for selling online


Despite what is said in many company pitches, you do not have to actually pay any monthly fees to sell products or services online. If you are already selling online and you are paying monthly or even yearly fees, you are getting duped.


Free open source platforms are now available. These are both scalable and reliable. Surprisingly, these platforms only make up 10% of ecommerce websites out there. Moreover, such platforms do not track data from storefronts like what other paid platforms do.


  • Open source platform


As aforementioned, WooCommerce is an open source platform. This means that developers, designers and also everyday people can all contribute and tweak the platform to improve functionality.


From description pages to checkout functionality, WooCommerce can let you launch anything you need for your online store. Customizable themes and other design options can also be easily utilized to give your storefront a personalized look in just under 30 minutes.


  • Upcoming usurper of all other ecommerce platforms


It is growing steadily from year to year, and the trend is expected to continue for years. It is advantageous to master WooCommerce in order to sell products and services online, or even to help other people sell their own.


Why is it important for you to learn The Secrets of Making Money Online?


There are some secrets that most online sellers do not know about. To gain an advantage over the thousands of sellers in the vast internet, it is important that you learn all of these.


Also, many may not realize it, but it is very easy to start your own online store. You can even have your own web address for free. It might seem daunting at first, but with a step by step guide, you can be more confident and secure.


With just three simple steps, this video course can teach you how to make your first sale within just 24 hours. The faster you can make sales, the more you can earn and the quicker your business can grow.


  • Get started. Set up WooCommerce on your WordPress website.


  • Make your offer. List your products or services inside WooCommerce.


  • Promote it. Tell others about what you are selling.


Isn’t it easy? Through this video course, you can learn more about the best way to sell any product or service online. There is a wide array of methods, but this customizable model is the most secure and reliable of them all. In fact, aside from learning how to make a successful online store, you can already help others who may also want to sell online by sharing what you have learned.


  • Module 1 – Installing WordPress on WooCommerce


In this introductory video, you can learn how to create a database, to start a database user and to manage database user permissions.


  • Module 2 – Using EasyWP


The second video module covers oro tips on how to not compromise your WordPress installation.


  • Module 3 – Figuring out WooCommerce


Learning WooCommerce on your own can be challenging. In this this third video, every menu and submenu of the platform is explored.


  • Module 4 – Setting up the basic store framework


By tweaking the administrative settings, you can make sure that the storefront looks exactly how you want it to look.


  • Module 5 – Adding products and services to the store


Aside from simply posting your products and services, you can make your listings standout and cut through other stores and reach more visitors and clients.


  • Module 6 – Coupons and reports


Learn through the video module 6 how to maintain your business, and to keep your sales rolling in for months.


If you watch all of these six videos, you can start your own online business without having to go through the common mistakes people do. Do not waste any more time and get the step by step directions to closing your first sale in online commerce.


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  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
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  • Assessments Yes


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